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Where there’s a WELL there’s a way ……

IN THESE times of hosepipe bans and “drought” (even of the wettest sort), we should all be reassured by the information below.  This is reproduced from a document, provided by Derek of Oak Cottage, that was drawn up during World War 2 by Widford’s own “Invasion Committee”.

Over 30 wells are listed here, most of which will be known to current owners, but others may not!  Maybe some long-term village residents would be able to locate where today we might find the wells that used to belong to Mr McClelland or to Mrs Fish or Mrs Dyer?




Nether Hall
Honeysuckle Cottages, Nether Street
Elia Cottage

Wann’s Cottage Totman’s Farm
Bourne Cottage
Nurseries – large tank capable of supplying many people.
“Bardon” – very deep well,worked by petrol engine. This
engine is out of order – could probably be
repaired, if petrol were forthcoming to work it.

Ainsborough Cottage Goddard’s Cottages Goddards House
Yew Tree Cottages
Medcalf Hill

“The Bourne”
Maple Tree Cottage
Combe Villas
Dorken’s Bungalows Mr.McClelland’s

Mr.Patmore’s yard – adjacent to the Green Man Public House
Ginger’s Stores [now belonging to Oak Cottage,in good working order]
Swan Public House Mrs.Fish, Bell Lane
North View Cottages
The Victoria Inn

Adams’ Farm -(Mrs.Daintree)  Walnut Tree House
The Rectory
Living’s Farm (Widfordbury)
“Widford Rise” – worked by a windmill