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Zipping down the Playing Field

1WHAT A lovely summer we have had this year. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. During the long school holiday it certainly made things easier for those who had to keep children (or in our case grandchildren) entertained. Despite the days out, swimming, cinema etc etc, there were still many hours to fill. Of course they would have been quite happy to sit on the sofa for six weeks glued to their various gadgets but that being strictly limited we constantly dragged them into the fresh air, whether they wanted to go or not. And that was where the field in Bell Lane came into its own, with space, swings and the all important zip wire. They loved it! All I had to do was relax on a bench calling out occasional comments like ‘Wow’ and ‘It’s not bleeding so stop yelling’ – and several hours would pass like a dream. So thank you to the Committee who keep the field in such good order, providing our children with a safe environment in which to have fun and let off steam. I am surprised more people don’t take advantage of it. I am also wondering if that zip wire would take my weight.

M. Clark