Salute to our unique PC Clerk

BERYL HOLLYLEE was appointed Clerk to Widford Parish Council in 1972, following in the footsteps of her mother who had been Clerk for the previous 30 years.  At the end of this month, after 43 years, Beryl is standing down.


All of us in Widford, and particularly her past and present Councillors, owe Beryl a huge debt of gratitude for the all the time, energy and enthusiasm she has put into this task. Her knowledge of the village is immense – every footpath and bridleway, the houses and their history and the people who live here.  Her knowledge of the ins and outs of local government – Highways, Planning etc – has been invaluable to all members of the Parish Council over the past 43 years.

During this period she has dealt with numerous changes in local government and adapted to the many changes in work practice and communication technology that have so dramatically altered the working life of a parish clerk. Many of us joined our Parish Council with little understanding of local government and were always grateful for the help and guidance given to us by Beryl. Her knowledge and experience have provided the continuity to enable the Parish Council to function.

We, the past four Chairmen of the Parish Council, would like to thank you, Beryl.  You will be sorely missed and we wish you well.

G Penny, R Taylor-Young, L James, I Brett

Photograph of Beryl taken in the Village Hall on 12 May by I Brett