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Why Widford beats living in London….

ANOTHER TERRIFIC evening was had by one and all in this year’s Safari Supper. Having now attended my third Safari Supper in as many years, I think I’ve either ‘made it’ or I look like someone who can’t say No to Gilda; either way, it is a delight to pen a few words about the evening.
SupperSo, where to begin? The food. I hope like me your evening was an epicurean extravaganza: canapés to die for, followed by a smorgasbord of delicious and effervescent salads to complement some amazing Chinese chicken (at the Dickinsons), all topped off by an array of delicious puddings and cheese. Please can whoever prepared the out-of-this-world fruit meringue publish the recipe?!
Next, the setting. Although the weather toyed with spoiling the event, let’s face it – in reality us Brits love a speck of rain and it did nothing to deter the enjoyment and garden-based evening. And what a selection of gardens there are in Widford. Obviously living next door to Monty-Don & Carol we are motivated at least to mow our lawn, but hard to match the stunning setting Goddards provides, with its magnificent pond and folly.

The company. Now I am not adverse to grabbing anyone and chewing their ear off (not meant literally, of course), essentially that’s what I do. Clearly the Safari Supper gets everyone talking, and it is a super way for long-term Widfordians to catch up as well as for all of us new folk to get to meet everyone.
On a more serious note, the one theme running through the evening was the sense of community. It is really something that people not only open their doors, but go to such great lengths to welcome others. To a relatively recent incomer to the village, it has been a highlight of moving out of London. The neighbours we had in London were very nice, but you would just never get to know them beyond the superficial. It is evenings such as these that really make you appreciate the wonderful community that Widford has.
Lastly, on behalf of the trekkers I say thank you to all who made the evening possible, particularly the hosts of starters and main courses and the pudding providers, and to David & Nadine for providing such a fitting finale to a superb evening.
But most importantly thanks to David and Judith for their never-ending energy in organising the event. We are already looking forward to next year. James Helme
Postscript: I have not yet worked out if it is a compliment to be referenced as “Chilli’s owner”. Slightly worrying when your dog is evidently better known around the village than you are…