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Footpath 18 Modification Order

Changes to Footpath 18 as proposed by Modification Order 2011 were discussed recently at a Public Inquiry. A number of the original objectors were able to give evidence and make their case. The hearing was adjourned and the final decision was reserved pending the Inspectors report.

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PI notification letter 22nd September 2015
PI notice
HCC (Widford 13 18 26 and Wareside 84) Modification Order 2011
Interim Report
Update by Janine Wignall December 2015

Gate Steps FP 7 SmallGate FP 7 Small

New Kissing Gates on Footpath 7

Two new kissing gates have been installed at the Nether Street end of Footpath 7 replacing the style and the very rickety gate that were there before. The new gate was rather higher than the road so new steps have been added.

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Update on Footpath 18 from Janine Wignall

Although this is not yet resolved some progress has been made and these notes tell us where we are at the moment.

Update from Janine Wignall