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Planning Applications 2016

The Parish Council is consulted on all Planning Applications under consideration.
This list is refreshed on a regular basis. Please note that minutes will be published in draft form only until they have been formally approved.
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Application Details Date Parish Council Comments Decision
3/16/2693/FUL Greenacres, Ware Road, Widford: Erection of 1 No. 2 bedroomed dwelling with access from Ware Road. 21/12/2016 Comments made GRANTED
3/16/2504/FUL Wilmoor (West), Ware Road, Widford: Construction of 2 No. detached three bedroom houses and 4 No. four bedroom detached houses, with garages, associated access, parking and landscaping. 10/11/2016 Comments made GRANTED
3/16/2488/LBC Walnut Tree Lodge, Ware Road, Widford: Single storey side/rear extension. 17/11/2016 No objections GRANTED
3/16/2416/HH Walnut Tree Lodge, Ware Road, Widford: Single storey side/rear extension. 4/11/2016 No objections GRANTED
3/16/2200/HH Yew Tree House, Hunsdon Road, Widford: Two storey front extension, porch and gates. 6/10/2016 27/10/2016 GRANTED
3/16/2131/VAR Wilmoor (East), Ware Road, Widford: Construction of a terrace of 3 three bedroom houses and a pair of semi-detached two bedroom houses together with associated access, parking and landscaping – Amendment to permission ref 3/14/0629/FP to change condition 5 (external finishings to weatherboarding) 26/9/2016 Comments made GRANTED
AP/16/0042/REFUSE 2 Benningfield Road: Single storey front and rear extensions and two storey side extension to facilitate subdivision of house to two dwellings. Amendments to previously granted Planning Permission. See 3/15/1590/HH   Comments maded GRANTED on appeal with conditions
E/16/0305/ENF Priory Farm House: Planning Enforcement investigation into possible unauthorised track and field work in breach of planning control     NO BREACH IDENTIFIED. CASE CLOSED
AP/16/0079/REFUSE Priory Farm House: Demolition of existing barn, reconstruction of new barn, new gravel driveway, new post and rail fence. Refusal decision APPEALED to Secretary of State   Comments by 29/8/16 Appeal DISMISSED
3/16/1502/HH Field View Medcalf Hill Widford: Two storey and first floor front/side extension incorporating the enlargement of the roof, and a two storey and single storey rear extension (with window, render and external elevation changes) 20/7/16 No objections GRANTED
3/16/1330/FUL South Paw Pegs Lane Widford: Change of use to a mixed use for residential purposes for one Romani gypsy family and the keeping of horses. Retention of existing barn, static caravan, touring caravan and hardstanding. Retention of existing boundary fencing and
alterations to existing walls and gates.
6/7/16 Comments made GRANTED
See original application:
Youngs Little Acre The Mount Medcalf Hill Widford: Siting of 2no. refrigerated units (Retrospective). This is an appeal to The Secretary of State against refusal of planning application 4/7/16 Comments made Appeal DISMISSED
3/16/1364/VAR Wilmoor (East) Ware Road Widford: Variation of Condition 3 of LPA 3/14/0629/FP -Construction of a terrace of 3 three bedroom houses and a pair of semi-detached two bedroom affordable houses together with associated access, parking and landscaping- To remove the provision of affordable housing. 29/6/16 No objections GRANTED
3/16/1399/HH Yew Tree House Hunsdon Road Widford: Two storey front extension, porch and gates. Variation to position of parking area and boundary walls. 29/6/16 Comments by 20/7/16 GRANTED
3/16/1164/FUL Land South of Martlets Hunsdon Road Widford: Erection of 1no 5 bedroomed dwelling, 5no 4 bedroomed dwellings, 5no 3 bedroomed dwellings, 5no 2 bedroomed dwellings and 2no 1 bedroomed dwellings. Widening of vehicular and pedestrian access from Hunsdon Road, landscaping, surface water drainage, and car parking. 27/5/16 Objections to density and vehicle access GRANTED Section 106 funding to be agreed
3/16//0944/FUL 9 Benningfield Road Widford: Continued use of dwelling for childminding for a temporary period of up to five years. 4/5/16 No objections GRANTED
3/16/1170/CLE The Old Orchard Abbots Lane: Storage of horticultural materials and other materials. 23/5/2016   ALLOWED
3/16/0879/HH 10 Daintrees Widford: Demolition of existing conservatory and construction of replacement conservatory. 19/4/16 No objections GRANTED
3/16/0873/HH Little Goddards Abbotts Lane Widford: Single storey side extension. 26/4/16 No objections GRANTED
3/14/1549/FP Porch Cottage Widford: Two storey & single storey rear extensions and front garden wall. 22/8/14   REFUSED Part Allowed on Appeal
3/16/0186/FUL Southpaw Farm (Pegs Lane): Erection of fencing, brick wall and gates. (Retrospective) 18/3/16 No objections WITHDRAWN
3/16/0532/FUL Priory Farm House: Erection of 1 no. new two storey detached residential dwelling, together with an associated detached double bay garage, associated driveway/off-street car parking, private garden space, landscaping and other associated development. 14/3/16 Objections relating to ENV12, GBC3 and OSV2 GRANTED
3/16/0325/FUL Priory Farm House: Demolition of existing barn, reconstruction of new barn, new gravel driveway, new post and rail fence  2/3/16 Objections to width of driveway and the obvious incremental development as well as impact on permitted path REFUSED
Appeal to Secretary of State
Honeysuckle Cottage Nether Street Widford: Demolition and replacement of single storey side extension 26/2/16 No objections GRANTED
3/16/0324/HH 22 Benningfield Road: Two story rear extension 22/2/16 No objections GRANTED
3/16/0186 South Paw Farm:     WITHDRAWN
3/16/0180/HH 12 Lambs Gardens: Single storey rear extension 26/1/16 No objections but comments made GRANTED