Stop Harlow North Update

The Stop Harlow North group have responded to the Concept Development Framework recently published.

SHN response CDF v3

Gigaclear Update

Gigaclear are now have a new contractor and work on the new fiber network has restarted. As part of the contract the new company, Europoll Services Ltd, have been asked to inspect the work done by the original contractor and remedy any problems that they might find.
As a result they are currently sending cameras through the pipes which have been laid in Nether Street and Benningfield Road. The intention is not to open up any of the ground works unless they find a problem.

Suspicious Activity

A resident living in Levenage Lane has reported two stocky men in a dark blue or black BMW 4×4 who pulled up and carefully inspected their car. The police were of course informed and asked that all suspicious activity be reported to Stephen Blanks our local PCSO. He can be reached on 01707 354192.

Parish Council Vacancy

Widford Icon 2

Unfortunately one of our councillors has resigned because of work commitments leaving a vacancy on the Parish Council and we are now looking for someone to step into the breech. Glen Parcell has been on the Parish Council for several years and will certainly be missed. For more information please speak to Jill Buck or one of the other councillors.

Notice of Vacancy – Widford Parish Council 3 May 2017