Roadworks Update

Latest information would suggest that the current work will take just two days. They are patching the road and raising the drains in preparation for final resurfacing which will be done in a couple of weeks time.

Major Road Closures in Widford

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On 27th, 28th and 29th November most roads in Widford will be completely closed to traffic while they are resurfaced. The B1004 from Ash Cottage to the High Street and on to Ware will remain open and parking will not be affected. On other roads all parked cars will have to be removed between the hours of 9.30am and 4.00pm.

Allotment Water Supply

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Over the last few years our allotments have been very popular and are well used. Currently there is no reliable water supply and the Parish Council have been looking at ways to provide a solution to this which is both affordable and permanent. This however has to involve Affinity Water who will need to lay a new main with a meter from Benningfield Road all the way down to the allotments. The Parish Council have looked at a number of contractors but the choice is limited to those who have been approved by Affinity Water and it is a very short list. The Parish Council has secured a loan at very low interest to cover the cost of the work and a decision to go ahead will need to be made early next year.
The costs are however very high and in the meantime a number of residents have made a proposal to make use of the surface water in the gully. The concept is currently being tested and a qualified engineer has been asked for advice. This solution would be very much cheaper to install and operate.

Affordable Housing for Widford

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The Rural Housing Association is providing seven new affordable homes on the Martlets development which is on the corner of Levenage Lane. The site, now called Meadow Way, offers two houses on a shared ownership basis and five for rent.

Bellis Development

Contact details:
  Matthew Evans
G L Hearn Limited
280 High Holborn
  Michael Eales
Bellis Homes
Kao Park 2
London Road
CM17 9NA

General Data Protection Regulation

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GDPR officially came into force on 25th May 2018 and our Data Protection laws are now significantly upgraded.
All organisations are now required to keep personal data securely and must have formal consent or a legally valid reason to either process it or sell it on to a third party. This is new territory for everyone and some aspects of the legislation are, as yet, unclear making implementation something of a work in progress.