July Council Meeting

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The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Village Hall at 7.45pm on Tuesday 4nd July 2017.

1 Agenda Ordinary Council July

Hawker Alert

A number of residents have reported a hawker who is knocking on doors in the village trying to sell tatty items from a black holdall. The police like to know about such people so if you spot him please phone Stephen Blanks our local PCSO. He can be reached on 01707 354192.

Alabama Rot

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Very sad to report that a local dog from Much Hadham has become the victim of Alabama Rot and has had to be put down.

Hertfordshire Mercury

Parish Council Vacancy

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Unfortunately one of our councillors has resigned because of work commitments leaving a vacancy on the Parish Council and we are now looking for someone to step into the breech. Glen Parcell has been on the Parish Council for several years and will certainly be missed. For more information please speak to Jill Buck or one of the other councillors.

Notice of Vacancy – Widford Parish Council 3 May 2017

Stop Harlow North

The Stop Harlow North pressure group is still working hard to derail the proposed development in Gilston. Their latest Newsletter is attached.

SHN Newsletter Spring 2017

Wiseman Memorial

The Wiseman Memorial is a well known and important feature in our churchyard and it has unfortunately been less than vertical for many years now. The Parish Council has been working with the Widford Parochial Council and the Diocese in an effort to remedy the matter. The Parish Council is responsible for the Closed Churchyard but the cost of repositioning the monument is significant. The Parish Council have been advised that the monument should be roped off for safety reasons and various funding options are being considered.

Neighbourhood Plan Public Meeting

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On 6th April a third public meeting was held to discuss the idea of developing a Widford Neighbourhood Plan. The objective was to listen to a presentation by a freelance consultant, Lorraine Hart and to look in more detail at the sort of policies which we might wish to include. Approximately 15 residents turned up and Lorraine gave a very interesting presentation.
At the end of the meeting 7 or 8 residents expressed an interest in developing a Neighbourhood Plan. Notes of the meeting will be circulated shortly.
Neighbourhood Plan notes of meeting 6 April 2017

Lambs Gardens Road Closure

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As from 1st April 2017 Lambs Gardens will be closed to all traffic except for access while work is carried out by a utility company. This work will be completed within 18 months.

Parking in Benningfield Road

A number of residents have complained about number of cars parked close to the junction with the Ware Road. Please remember that parking within 10 metres of a junction is illegal.

Two additional Dog Waste Bins

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Widford can now boast three Dog Waste Bins. One is located at the start of the footpath next to the House of Orange. This has been well used and is definitely very successful so the Parish Council have invested in another two. There is now one on the village green and a third by the entrance to the playing field. These bins will be emptied and kept clean by East Herts on a regular basis.