Defibrillator Training Success

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Last week a CPR training session was held in the village hall.This was a chance to see a full demonstration of Widford’s new defibrillator (AED) which was donated by an anonymous benefactor in the village. The evening was well attended and was a huge success. We hope that Jenny Miller will organise another evening in the not too distant future.
During the evening a number of donations were made to support the initiative and as a result £41 has been added to the fund which will be used to maintain the defibrillator.

It’s Back

I am sorry to say that the caravan is back in the lay by. We were hoping that they would move on permanently but this is not the case. Without the support of East Herts, Highways, Environmental Health or the police there is little we can do.

Vacancy for Councillor in Widford Parish

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The resignation of Neil Rogers from Widford Parish Council has created a vacancy. If you are interested in this rare opportunity to make a real difference please contact Mrs Jill Buck on 01279 843202 or anyone else on the Parish Council.

Notice of Vacancy – Widford Parish Council May 2016

Gigaclear Broadband Only 7 Orders Required


Gigaclear require another 7 orders to reach their target for Widford. Other villages in the area, including Hunsdon, Much Hadham and Little Hadham, have already reached their respective targets and work to install the network is just beginning in High Wych and Hunsdon.
The Parish Council are supporting this project as high speed broadband will be good for the village and of course for property prices. It would certainly be a shame if all of the other villages in the area were to be upgraded and Widford was left with their current level of service.
To check on progress press the button.
If anyone is interested in opting for a higher speed than the one they have ordered this too helps to meet the target. Doubling the speed from 50Mbps to 100Mbps costs just £5 extra per month.

Draft District Plan

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As you will be aware East Herts have proposed that Widford becomes a Group 1 village and the Parish Council have been fighting the decision for some time. East Herts desperately need to identify sustainable villages suitable for development in order to meet their plan targets. Topic Maps and, more recently, the Village Hierarchy exercises were designed to identify smaller villages which could be moved up into Group 1 and identified as being suitable for development. This has been very unpopular and East Herts District Council have had a rethink. They have published a discussion document which they believe will resolve the problem and allow development to continue virtually unhindered. The paper is being circulated as the impact on Widford will be significant. Paragraph 12 states that the current fixed development boundaries will be removed allowing each development to be assessed on its own merits both within and adjacent to the main built up area. It is also suggested that the only control over development would be the Neighbourhood Plan, which is unfortunate as we do not have one.

VILLAGE POLICY – Discussion Paper
Summary of Planning Changes

LAIS 1388 Planning Changes

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These proposed changes to the planning process are designed to speed up the process and remove many of the perceived barriers faced by developers. The changes will certainly make it easier for developers but there is a major concern that the little power currently held by Parish Councils and District Councils will be swept away. See the link below for details of the proposed changes.

LAIS Planning Proposals
Summary of Planning Changes

Beware Ransomware

By John Felstead
There is a particularly nasty virus circulating which has a devastating effect on businesses and people who have all their photographs stored electronically on their PCs. Even a Police Force in America paid the ransom in an effort to try and unlock their police records when they were infected recently!
Please also pass on to family, friends and acquaintances where possible. This warning is not a hoax like many others that circulate but has been identified by myself at least four times in the last month. All persons affected are in East Herts.

Widford Bulletin

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It is the responsibility of the Parish Council to keep all the residents of Widford fully informed of parish business. There is of course a wealth of information on the notice board and the website but you have to go and find it. Some residents have asked if the Parish Council could send out an email to let them know about meetings and important issues.
We are therefore asking for the email addresses of anyone who would like to be involved so we can send out a bulletin. This will be circulated as often as is necessary and will not be at regular intervals. Email addresses will of course not be circulated or made public and users will be able to remove their data from the mailing list at any time.
So use the Contact page on the website to let us know your name and email address and we will see how it works.

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