Next Parish Council Meeting

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on 3rd July 2018 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Everyone is welcome.

General Data Protection Regulation

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GDPR officially came into force on 25th May 2018 and our Data Protection laws are now significantly upgraded.
All organisations are now required to keep personal data securely and must have formal consent or a legally valid reason to either process it or sell it on to a third party. This is new territory for everyone and some aspects of the legislation are, as yet, unclear making implementation something of a work in progress.

Bus Shelter News

At the last Parish Council meeting the quote for repairing the bus shelter was agreed and to avoid further damage the shelter will be moved so it covers the seat where the pavement is wider. The bus stop and the road markings will not be moved.

Parish Council Vacancy

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Unfortunately one of our councillors has resigned because of work commitments leaving a vacancy on the Parish Council and we are now looking for someone to step into the breech. Glen Parcell has been on the Parish Council for several years and will certainly be missed. For more information please speak to Jill Buck or one of the other councillors.

Verdant Verges

Wet weather and building sites are not a good mix and in Widford we have had an excess of both over the last few months. The grass area outside Ashview Nursing Home is particularly badly affected and the Parish Council have been in contact with Eric Buckmaster who has confirmed that this area is the property of the County Council.  He has passed on our concerns to the powers that be at County and asked for an investigation into the damage. Ideally parking on this patch of grass should be prohibited but in a village where parking spaces are at a premium this may not be possible, especially as the Parish Council has no powers to control parking. We wait to see what County says about the matter.
At the recent Parish Council meeting it was agreed that the Parish Council will approach the owner of Ashview nursing home to ask if their staff could avoid parking on the grass verge while the grass recovers.