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Jubilee Fun Day – Sixty Glorious Years

AS WITH many other towns and villages in June this year, Widford plans to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne.  The official celebrations in London are to be held over four days (June 2nd,, 3rd, 4th and 5th), but in Widford we are concentrating on Saturday June 2nd and Sunday […]

News from Widford Parish Council

SEVEN MEMBERS of the public were present at our meeting on 10th January and we were pleased to welcome guests from East Herts Council: Mr Kevin Steptoe, Head of Planning & Building Control, and Mr John Bosworth, a retired Conservation Officer from Essex County Council. In 2011, on behalf of EHC, Mr Bosworth was employed […]

Marion’s lovely Christmas Together Lunch

IN JANUARY The Mercury featured this photograph of Widford’s Marion B with Ware’s mayor, Cllr Alan W. It was taken on Christmas Day 2011, when more than 80 people, who would have otherwise been alone at home, met up in Ware to enjoy a three-course freshly-cooked turkey lunch in a happy festive atmosphere at the […]

Conservation Area Consultation

Click here for full details on the consultation on the local Conservation Area.

Nature Notes – December

THE RECENT mild temperatures in October and November have led to front page headlines in national newspapers. Ducklings that would normally emerge between April and June have been seen in various English locations including the National Wetlands centre at Barnes in London, where a mallard duck has hatched 11 ducklings – six months later than […]

Have you seen the light?

WHILST DRIVING at night on the A10 between Buntingfordand Puckeridge, some six or seven years ago, I was intrigued to see an intense green laser beam shining towards me from the direction of Ware. Maybe something to do with a party at Hanbury Manor?  On another occasion I saw it from a minor road between […]

My Native Village – a hundred years on

IN 1911 a little book titled My Native Village was published by Heffer & Sons in Cambridge. It was written by Edith Buckmaster as a celebration in poetry of her life in Widford.  She was born Edith Augusta Lewin around 1863 in the house now known as Ashbourne Manor, and married Stanley Owen Buckmaster in […]

Recipe of the Month

This month’s recipe is one of Scott D’s creations and was sent in by wife Linda. Perhaps there are more Widford men out there who have a recipe to share?  If so, do take up the challenge and send your ideas to the magazine – Susie’s contact details are on page1.   SCOTT’S PUMPKIN SOUP              […]

A Summer’s day down at the Allotments

JUNE SEEMS a long time ago now, butwe couldn’t have asked for a better day on Sunday the 26th. It was hot and cloudless and probably about to become one of the hottest days of the year.  It really was fortuitous that this was the very day we had flagged up at our Allotment AGM, […]

Summer Activities in 2011

Click here to see details on local summer activities this year.


AN OPEN Public Meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 19th July at 8.00pm to deliver the results of the Parish Plan Survey. Of 212 survey forms distributed, 187 were returned. There were over 100 questions and requests for comments. Collating and analysing the collected information has been quite a task. The […]

Nature NOTES

IT’S OFFICIAL, spring came early this year and not just in Widford! Top conservationists have noted that key signs to the start of spring like the first cuckoo were two weeks earlier than normal… And this year has been shown to be special in other ways. There are many more early wild flowers than in […]