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Public Meeting 6th April 2017 at 7.30pm 

A second public meeting has been arranged for 6th April to discuss the need for a Widford Neighbourhood Plan. The last public meeting was held on 12th January and it was clear that residents wanted to see more examples of policies from other Neighbourhood Plans. Policies from four Neighbourhood Plans have now been circulated, (see link below). 
The meeting on 6th April will allow these policies to be discussed. A consultant has also been invited to answer questions and advise us on the need for our own plan. 

Neighbourhood Plan Public Meeting Notes
Housing Register & Allocations Policy
Examples of Neighbourhood Plan Policies

Neighbourhood Plan more information please

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The Public Meeting on 12th January 2017 was very well attended in spite of the terrible weather. Laura Pattison East Herts Senior Planning Policy Officer was there to tell us more about Neighbourhood Plans and how they fit with the new District Plan. During the consultation process the Parish Council formally asked East Herts to redraw our village boundary to include the Martlets and Wilmoor developments and we are very pleased to say that Laura believes that this request is being viewed favourably by East Herts. It is therefore clear that Widford may not need to produce a Neighbourhood Plan with the sole purpose of redrawing the village boundary. The discussion turned to other policies that could be included in a Widford Neighbourhood Plan and there was general agreement that more information was required before a decision is made.

Neighbourhood Plan Public Meeting Notes

Neighbourhood Plan Public Meeting Agenda

Extracts from Parish Council meetings relating to Neighbourhood Plan

Pre-Submission District Plan

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East Herts. have now published their District Plan which will replace the 2007 document which is out of date. The new plan will be available for comment until 15th December 2016 and can be viewed on-line at East Herts Consultation Portal. If you login to this website comments can be left on a section by section basis. A hard copy of the plan can also be viewed at the Green Man Pub or at Forge Homes Estate Agents. Forms are also available if you prefer to send your comments to East Herts as hard copy.
At this stage comments will only be accepted if they relate to the suitability of the plan to meet its requirements. For more information on this please see the request for comments below.

Pre-Submission Request for Comments

Stop Harlow North

The Pre-Submission District Plan includes details of East Herts District Council’s plans to develop a substantial ‘New Town’ covering the whole of the Gilston area. Seven new villages are planned to the north of the A414 from High Wych to the East of Church Lane and to the North beyond Hunsdon. In total 10,000 houses are planned 40% of which will be affordable homes.
From the supporting documents it is clear that the infrastructure required to support a town of this size has not been given sufficient thought. The analysis of the infrastructure required has, in many cases not been independently verified and contradicts previous analysis and local knowledge. Much of the funding has apparently not been secured and the appendix intended to show the schedule for the delivery of the infrastructure is missing.
The Stop Harlow North campaign is encouraging all residents of East Herts to use the consultation website to register their concerns.

Pre-Submission Request for Comments

Advertising Rates for Parish Magazine

The following rates apply to advertising placed in the Parish Magazine.

Advertising Rates

351 Bus Timetable

This timetable was published by Trustybus in September 2015.

Trustybus 351

Defibrillator Training Success

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Last week a CPR training session was held in the village hall.This was a chance to see a full demonstration of Widford’s new defibrillator (AED) which was donated by an anonymous benefactor in the village. The evening was well attended and was a huge success. We hope that Jenny Miller will organise another evening in the not too distant future.
During the evening a number of donations were made to support the initiative and as a result £41 has been added to the fund which will be used to maintain the defibrillator.

Beware Ransomware

By John Felstead
There is a particularly nasty virus circulating which has a devastating effect on businesses and people who have all their photographs stored electronically on their PCs. Even a Police Force in America paid the ransom in an effort to try and unlock their police records when they were infected recently!
Please also pass on to family, friends and acquaintances where possible. This warning is not a hoax like many others that circulate but has been identified by myself at least four times in the last month. All persons affected are in East Herts.

Widford Bulletin

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It is the responsibility of the Parish Council to keep all the residents of Widford fully informed of parish business. There is of course a wealth of information on the notice board and the website but you have to go and find it. Some residents have asked if the Parish Council could send out an email to let them know about meetings and important issues.
We are therefore asking for the email addresses of anyone who would like to be involved so we can send out a bulletin. This will be circulated as often as is necessary and will not be at regular intervals. Email addresses will of course not be circulated or made public and users will be able to remove their data from the mailing list at any time.
So use the Contact page on the website to let us know your name and email address and we will see how it works.

Subscribe to Widford Bulletin

Stop Harlow North

Following Dr. Ian Brett’s retirement Poppi Smith and Andy Darnell have taken over as Widford’s representative on the Stop Harlow North committee. For more information on this campaign follow the link below.

Stop Harlow North
Stop Harlow North Newsletter June 2016

Village Hall Calendar

Village Hall bookings can now be viewed on the website under the “Resources” drop down menu. The entries are read only, so for bookings, please contact the bookings secretary on 01279 898457 or use the link below.

Village Hall Diary

Mobile Library Service

At a  meeting of the Hertfordshire County Council on 18th May the decision was made to cease the operation of the mobile library service as from 30th October 2015. This change will contribute £2.5 million to the budget reduction required of the library service over the next three years.


East Herts District Council have come up with a rather intriguing idea. Please let Councillor Robert Brunton (Robert.Brunton [at] know if you are interested.

Timebank leaflet

High Speed Broadband

Gigaclear Plc are installing a high speed broadband network in East Herts and they have just started work in Hunsdon. The company brings fiber right up the premises which allows very much higher download and upload speeds which are not affected by usage. The slowest package is 50Mbps and much faster speeds are also available.

Road Closure B1004 Wareside

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From 4th August and operative anytime for the next 18 months
the length of the B1004 Ware Road Wareside from its junction with 3U157 (unnamed road) eastwards and north eastwards to its junction with C41 (unnamed road) a distance of 842 metres. Alternative routes will be signposted.

Road Closure Details

Road Closure B180 Hunsdon Road

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There is the possibility of another order which, if it is made, will come into force from 22nd August and operative anytime in the next 18 months. Traffic will be prohibited from using the length of B180 Hunsdon Road, Widford from its junction with B1004 High Street, south westwards and south eastwards to its junction with Bell Lane, a distance of approximately 104 metres, except for access.

Road Closure Details

Road Closure B1004 Northwards

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It is understood that the B1004 will be closed from time-to-time for a period of up to 18 months as from 7th July 2016. This will affect the road from Pegs Lane to Bourne Lane. Road signs will indicate the exact details of the road closure.

Road Closure Details

Caterpillar Pest in Oak Trees

A warning has been issued by the Forestry Commission and Hertfordshire County Council that some of our oak trees could be infested with the Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) which could cause serious damage to the trees as well as being a health risk. Please see the attached guidance note.

Caterpillar Pest in Oak Trees