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Notes of Public Meeting 6th April 2017
On 6th April a third public meeting was held to discuss the idea of developing a Widford Neighbourhood Plan. The objective was to listen to a presentation by a freelance consultant, Lorraine Hart and to look in more detail at the sort of policies which we might wish to include. Approximately 15 residents turned up and Lorraine gave a very interesting presentation.
At the end of the meeting 7 or 8 residents expressed an interest in developing a Neighbourhood Plan. Notes of the meeting will be circulated shortly.
4 Neighbourhood Plan notes of meeting 6 April 2017
Notes of Public Meeting 12 January 2017
Clerks notes of the public meeting held to determine the feeling of residents about the need for a Widford Neighbourhood Plan.
Neighbourhood Plan Public Meeting Notes
Housing Register & Allocations Policy
During the public meeting on the 12th January 2017 a member of the audience asked how Social Housing was allocated. This document is the latest policy from East Herts.
Housing Register & Allocations Policy
Examples of Neighbourhood Plan Policies
Cllr Paul Riddle agreed to circulate a list of typical policies from other Neighbourhood Plans as examples.
Examples of Neighbourhood Plan Policies
Neighbourhood Planning Guidance Notes December 2014
This is a general guide to the development of a Neighbourhood Plan it was published in December 2014 but is still current today.

Locality Guide to Neighbourhood Plans
Localilty is the body which provides Neighbourhood Planning support to Parish Councils. It also administers grants to support the process.
Locality Guide to Neighbourhood Plans
National Planning Policy Framework
This is a link to the Government website for Planning Practice Guidance.
National Planning Policy Framework
Guide to Procedures
Hertfordshire County Council produced this Guide to Procedures.
Guide to Procedures
Widford Village Boundary
This is the current village boundary which has not been changed by the Final District Plan.
Widford Village Boundary 2014
Widford Conservation Area
Widford Conservation Area 2011

Strategic Land Availability Assessment
The District Plan includes details of a “Call for sites”. This link shows the sites as published in the District Plan.
SLAA Widford Details
SLAA Widford Maps Final