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Papers for Next Parish Council Meeting

The Parish Council meets on the second Tuesday of January and the first Tuesday of March, May, July, September and November at 8.00pm in the Village Hall. Notice of meetings are posted in the Parish Magazine, on the village notice boards and on the website. Meetings are open to the public who may address questions to the council by post or email to the clerk giving two working days notice.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Village Hall at 7.45pm on Tuesday 4nd July 2017.

1 Agenda Ordinary Council July

2 MINUTES May 2nd_Annual Council_UNAPPROVED_DRAFT2

3 MINUTES May 2nd_Ordinary_Council_UNAPPROVED_DRAFT

4 Planning 3-17-1211-FUL 1no dwelling behind Coombe Villas papers

4a Planning 3-17-1228-HH Chapel House

5 Planning 3-17-1182-FUL Corner of Levenage Lane & Hunsdon Road

6 Planning 3-17-1008-FUL Long Meadow

7 Planning E-17-0205-ENF Yew Tree House enforcement

8 Planning Enforcement Priory Farm email

9 Planning 3-17-1366-SCOPE Gilston Area Env Impact Asessment

9a 3_17_1366_SCOPE-AFFINITY_WATER_COMMENT_20_6_17-1128312

9b 3_17_1366_SCOPE-SCOPING_OPINION-1123464

9c 3_17_1366_SCOPE-NATS_SAFEGUARDING_20_6_17-1128311

9d 3_17_1366_SCOPE-HERTFORDSHIRE_ECOLOGY_-_23.06.17-1128733

9e 3_17_1366_SCOPE-CADENT_GAS_-_15.6.17-1126495


9g 3_17_1366_SCOPE-HERTFORDSHIRE_GARDENS_TRUST_-_26.06.17-1128167

10a Accounts May-June 2017 AS AT 26 JUNE 2017

10b Bank statement AS AT 23 June 2017

11 Cheques for approval 4 July 2017 AS AT 27 JUNE

13 STOP PRESS_accident 19 June

14a Letter to Christopher Taylor-Young 13june17 ARCHIVE

14b CTY Letter to PC 19 jun17

15 Widford Relief In Need Charity-1 Governing document-trust deed

16a EHC Physical activity consultation 2017-22 Letter

16b EHC Draft Physical Activity Strategy 2017-22

17 Widford School Consultation Letter 170615

18a Fire Business Case Summary

18b Fire Press Release

18c Hertfordshire PCC Fire Governance Business Case v1 7

18d Open Letter